Easing the Long-existing Shortage of Accounting and Banking Professionals in Hong Kong
As result of the economic boom in the mid 1960s, there was a significant need for accounting and banking professionals in Hong Kong and our College subsequently nurtured a significant number of graduates to serve in the field of accounting. Similarly in the early 1970’s, when the banking sector in Hong Kong was thriving, our graduates had many opportunities to develop their careers in both the accounting and the banking disciplines with their solid knowledge. For many decades, the Accounting and Banking Department at Chu Hai has been helping to ease the long-existing shortage of accounting and banking professionals. So far, a total of over 800 students graduated from the programme. The Department continues serving as a provider of quality education, and our graduates continue to fuel the rapidly developing economy of Hong Kong in the 21st century. Since the programme emphasises the knowledge of accounting and banking, our graduates are able to serve as accountants or banking specialists in the financial sectors. Below are the employment statistics of our graduates from the Accounting and Banking programme over the past decade.

Full Awareness of Business Opportunities in China
With the emergence of China as a member of the WTO, and the rapid development of other Asian major cities, Hong Kong is facing increasing competition from other regional counterparts. It is vital for us to develop a coherent and consistent direction that is in line with the development of China and to fortify our strengths in order to take full advantage of the plentiful business opportunities that come about from China’s WTO status. As it is evident that China can provide abundant and cost effective labour in the industrial and business sectors, Hong Kong, in order to take advantage of the above, should concentrate on what we do best by providing and supplementing China with professional and management expertise that are on a par with international standards. In addition, the recent Government’s Policy Address highlighting the growth of the Pearl-Delta Region as a highly productive economic region again re-emphasised the importance of the co-operation between Hong Kong and the Mainland. In order to maintain Hong Kong’s competitive advantage, as a tertiary education institution, it is our responsibility to equip our citizens with professional and technological know-how through quality education. Our Accounting and Banking programme is in a position to help meet this robust demand for well-trained, highly qualified and experienced professionals in Hong Kong and its neighbouring regions.