Aim and Objective

Aims of the Programme
The programme focuses on training in professional accounting and banking practices which provide students with necessary knowledge and skills in major areas of accounting and financial services. It offers quality accounting education in the advancement, measurement, analysis, validation, and exchange of financial information, as well as nurtures students’ integrity and ethical conduct in the accounting and banking professions. The students are prepared to work as professionally qualified accountants and they are broadly equipped to act as business consultants and advisors.

Objectives of the Programme
To equip students with:

  • Knowledge and skills in professional practices of accountancy such as competency in areas of auditing, financial reporting, financial management, management accounting and taxation
  • Knowledge and skills in financial services including banking practices
  • Knowledge in the legal regulatory framework for the accounting and banking professionals
  • The ability to apply financial data analysis, information systems to business decision-making and management
  • A good sense of global vision on international business and accounting environment specifically in the China region
  • Generic skills in information technology, communication, creativity, logical reasoning, critical analysis and good judgement
  • A strong sense of professional ethics, integrity and social responsibility.