Programme Info

Title of Programme B Com (Hons) in Accounting and Banking
Normal Duration 4 Years
Credits Required for Graduation 123 Credits

Programme Characteristics

Specialized Knowledge and Broad Spectrum of Professional Training
Accounting professionals of today are required to have both specialised knowledge and a broad spectrum of professional training for working in the global environment, particularly in China after its entrance to the WTO. Our Programme is specifically designed to include general business studies, information systems, management, and the business environment in China and in other countries.

The Integration of Accounting and Banking Provides a Wide Range of Career Opportunities
As modern accounting practice should not be isolated from wider business knowledge, our programme has a distinctive characteristic of providing knowledge and skills in both professional accounting and banking. This combination of studies provides our graduates with a unique opportunity to integrate the necessary accounting and banking knowledge and skills associated with recording, processing, and reporting financial information used for business management and decision-making.
While the accounting-related courses prepare our graduates to work as accountants, the banking-related courses provide them with the background and skills needed to work in the areas of banking, credit, insurance, investments, or financial services. In fact, our Programme gives our graduates a wider range of career opportunities, particularly when Hong Kong is an important financial centre with strong demand for professional services in accounting and banking.

Make Good Use of the Advancement of Technology
The advancement of technology has replaced the laborious rule-based manual accounting procedures with machines of unprecedented efficiency, making modern accounting education shift from the trend of traditional practice to business analysis, decision-making and strategic planning. We have a sound network infrastructure for teachers and students to share information, and to tap into the wealth of knowledge in various electronic networks worldwide. The up-to-date computer equipment is available for the educational purposes and research necessities of our Department.

Emphasis on Professional Ethics
Our programme instils respect and strives for high ethical standards, objectivity and integrity into our training. We emphasize to our students the code of professional conduct and good ethical behaviour. This is in line with contemporary accounting practices that require increased stringent regulatory procedures and demand clear understanding of the issues of conflicts of interest, responsibilities to stakeholders and legality of conduct.

Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism Language Proficiency
Hong Kong is an international city and therefore we must ensure that our graduates should have a high level of language proficiency. They should be able to write in English and Chinese with high standard, and should have confidence in communicating with others in Cantonese, English and Putonghua.