Aim and Objective


  • Education for students to become professional accountants who have strong theoretical knowledge in banking, financial services and financial markets
  • Necessary preparation to pursue a management career in the banking or financial services sector
  • Necessary integrated knowledge and skills in accounting and banking services
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in professional accounting
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in major areas of financial services
  • Quality accounting education in the advancement, measurement, analysis, validation, and exchange of financial information
  • An environment to nurture students’ integrity and ethical conduct in the accounting and banking professions
  • General business knowledge and skills for students becoming broadly equipped to act as business consultants and advisors


  • Apply knowledge and skills in professional practices of accountancy such as competency in areas of auditing, financial reporting, financial management, management accounting and taxation
  • Utilize knowledge and skills in financial services including banking practices, and in the legal regulatory framework for the accounting and banking professionals
  • Apply financial data analysis, information systems to business decision-making and management
  • Develop generic skills in information technology, communication, creativity, logical reasoning, critical analysis and good judgment
  • Develop a good sense of global vision on international business and accounting environment specifically in the China region
  • Build up a strong sense of professional ethics, integrity and social responsibility