Career Prospect

Our Accounting and Banking graduates are much sought after to fill positions in accounting and banking
Hong Kong has always had a huge demand for accounting and banking professionals, but the shortage has become particularly acute in recent years.  In our College history of over 70 years, we have nurtured a significant number of graduates to serve in the field of accounting.   Since accreditation in 2014, a total of over 349 students have graduated from the programme, and they are much sought after in the accounting and banking sectors of the economy.  Below are the employment statistics of our graduates from the Accounting and Banking programme over the past decade.


Full Awareness of Business Opportunities in China

With the accession of China to the WTO in 2001, and the rapid development of China and other Asian countries since then, business opportunities have vastly expanded while competition intensified.  Young people need to have this awareness and work diligently to develop their strengths and stamina to face the challenges and grab the opportunities.  We at the Faculty of Business at Chu Hai will help you develop the needed skills and mindset to do exactly this.  A strong network of Chu Hai Faculty of Business alumni as well as our strategic partners will also help you build the connections to launch your career upon graduation.