History of the Department

The degree programme in Accounting and Banking was one of our first programmes introduced in the College since its founding in 1947. For more than five decades, the programme has been nurturing a significant number of talented graduates with specialised knowledge and skills in accounting and banking. These graduates, capable of serving as accountants or banking specialists in the financial sectors, have been making contributions to the prosperity and fast development of Hong Kong.

The success of our programme is based on a curriculum that is specifically designed to meet the local and international needs of the global economy. Its content is introduced systematically from elementary to advanced, covering both fundamental and professional knowledge for effective applications of theory to practice.

Moreover, special focus is placed on training students to work accurately, efficiently and ethically for gaining professional recognition and to embark on careers in the accounting and banking fields. As early as in the early 1980s our Department firstly included courses in Computer Applications in response to the increasing use of computers in the business and banking environments. Computing facilities were added to provide practical learning opportunity to students so that they could quickly adapt to the requirements for speed and accuracy when entering the accounting and banking workforce.

As far as professional recognitions is concerned, the programme has also long been following the important direction for graduates to become members of various international associations of accountants and to obtain the qualification of professional accountants. Keeping close links with the industry has also been our tradition and seminars from professionals are regularly held to give students an insightful understanding of the current affairs and the latest development in the real world of accounting and banking.